Apple Macros


Command + A = Select all (all text in a document) Command + B = Bold (while typing in documents that support rich text editing). Command + C = Copy. Either a picture which is selected (yes, you can do that), or a body of text, or just one word or letter. Command + D = Add bookmark (in safari)/ Not sure what it does in other programs. Don’t use this one much. Command + E = Eject disc (In finder, or in iTunes) Command + F = Find. One of the most useful tools in safari/word/mail/any other application that has many words, and you’re looking for one place in particular. Happens to be very accurate. Command + G = Find Next. Not really applicable, usually. Command + H = Hide’s whatever screen is open. Very useful to hide games from teachers. Command + I = Italicize. Just like that. Italicizes whatever the selection is. If there is no selection, you will type italicized until you use the macro again.  Command + J = Jump to selection. This is only important if you select a certain part of the document, look away from the computer, and forget you had your hand on the mouse. Whoops. Press Command + J, and the document will magically jump back to the selection. Command + K = Attaches a link to a word/letter/any selection. Command + M = Minimizes the window that’s open at the moment. Handy little trick (Tip: If you press Shift + click the little orange circle in between the green and red ones on the top left of the window, you’ll witness a cool surprise). Command + N = New window. New document. New folder. Your macro for all things new, depending on your application. Command + O = Open this, open that, open everything! Just hope you have enough RAM… Command + P = Print. Command + Q = Quit whatever application is running in the forefront of your computer. It is imperative that you quit programs when not using them, lest you use up all of your RAM without realizing it. Command + R = Refresh. As in a safari window. Command + S = Save. Pretty self explanatory. Works for most information-editing applications. Command + T = Allows you to change the font in a text-based application, such as mail or word. Command + U = Underlines selection, or will underline whatever it is you are typing, until you use the macro again. Command + V = Paste. As in copy & Paste. Command + W = Closes whatever window is currently open. I think ‘w’ may stand for window. Command + X = Cut. Command + Z = Undo. You know. For when you mess up.  Then there are those command + Shift + random letters, which you’ll just have to figure out for yourself. Good Luck!


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