Levi's Imprint Experiment


Day 1, so far. We’ll see how broken in they get.

Day 2, Still rigid.

Day 3 – Just starting the day, and it’s raining. I’m not sure if it’s just me but these denim creations feel as if they’re already molding to my body. Nahhh….probably just me. Does rain effect the change of the jeans?

Day 4 – 1:35. It’s raining outside, but I’m safe inside Belfer Hall, 2nd floor. The jeans are comfy. I’m wondering…will the COLD rain slow down the aging process? The tag says wash in cold so slow down the process…We’ll see!

Day 5 – This is taking WAY too long. It’s going to take forever to get to 100 days. Good night. I think I saw a light blue patch hovering somewhere above the left thigh. Perhaps by my keys?

Day 6 – Gonna take a run down to the Levi’s store today. I wonder if they’ll notice I’m wearing these bad boys… Who knows? I guess only time will tell. Alright. Midterm in 35 minutes. GTG. Peace out.

Day 7 – 93 Days left of wearing, or so. I’m not so sure I’m going to make it to 100, what with my limited patience. I need to know how these are going to come out, you know/.

Day 8 – Zombie nation concert was insane last night!! That’ll give me some good wear on the seat and the thighs. Whoever said dancing wasn’t a good workout obv didn’t dance.

Day 9 – Friday. Do Friday’s count as a day if the jeans are put on at 10 and taken off at 4? Idk. We’ll see.

Day 10 – GTG tonight. I missed the big NYC one last night, but as long as I get to go hang out and talk watches tonight, hopefully all won’t be missed. Oh yeah. The jeans rock, and I’ll be wearing them tonight πŸ™‚

Day 11 – Still, the morn. but I’ve been noticing that already the jeans seem to be fading a bit. I hope this is ok. Until then, no speaking unless approached. I noticed today that they’re rubbing off on my sheets by the area I sit on. Time for new sheets after these are broken in :-/

Day 12 – Just counting the days out now, I guess…

Day 13 – I feel like I’m in a desert of loneliness. How come no one else has ever heard of these bad boys? They’re great! P.s. Levi’s is having a 40% off select stock sale today. GREAT SUCCESS!!

Day 14 – that is all.

Day 15 – Most unproductive day EVER.

Day 16 – Should I get another pair of these jeans and wash and wear them differently?

Day 17 – School’s so hectic. The amount of work +the amount of classes YU gives us = insanity. It’s just a pain to keep up, really. For example, right now, I should be in the beis medrash going over who knows what kind of Gemara, but instead, I’m here blogging, as this is the only time I can find to do it. Weird? True. No other college would ever do this. But whatever. I went to Bryandt Park last night…people ice skating in shorts in the middle of the winter? Weird. I guess that’s NYC for ya.

Day 18 – Do we determine where our lives are going, or have we lost all control?

Day 19 – What is life? Where are we going afterwards? I mean why even live, if the afterlife is SO much better?

Day 20 – EH.

Day 21 – Popped shoulder.

Day 22 – Shoulder’s killing!!

Day 23 – Acromio Clavicular Seperation

Day 24 – What a day. We all have so much to be thankful for πŸ™‚

Day 25 – Blackberry? Check.

Day 26 – I’ve been retweeted. Now comes the plagiarism πŸ˜‰

Day 27 – Rain, rain, go away, Bring the snow.

Day 28 – Seriously. Its December 1. Where’s all the snow?? Freaking global warming.

Day 29 – Registered for my classes…15.5 credits wil have to do for now. Looks like summer courses are in order 😦 Or maybe… πŸ™‚

Day 30 – Unknown

Day 31 – Matt’s house

Day 32 – Girls…you can’t live with them, ya can’t live without them.

Day 33 – “My non-Jewish studies are retardedly hard” – Ben Frances.

Day 34 – My left thigh’s getting a lot more worn in than my right side. I think perhaps it’s time to cross my legs the other way…These jeans are looking KILLER! Are they supposed to look like this before the first wash??

Day 35 – I want that broken in look I yearn for so much already!! Another 65 days, though? Pshh. Child’s play!

Day 36 – Friday…You know…

Day 37 – First day of snowboarding…was RAINED OUT. Bummer.

Day 38 – Yesterday, 12/14 WAS the first day of boarding. Yes. It was fun πŸ˜€ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4GmesevZw6A&feature=player_embedded

Day 39 – Thirty nine percent completed.

Day 40 Β – Yup.

Day 41 – These things are really starting to take shape.

Day 42 – What?

Day 43 – MTA Lions emerge victorious over the Long Island Lutheran Crusaders, 42-37. Both Fuld boys collected forfeits for their team.

Day 44 – COLD!!


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