It's time to be more open-minded :)


Scattered energy

restless thoughts

So much to do

So much I want

Everything to say

But no one to hear

Yelling through smoke

My voice is not clear

If ever oh ever

A wish I could make

I’d pray for a day

the world would relate

Pass no judgement on others

Have none passed on you

Talk with your neighbor

Try on someone’s shoe

And after you’ve worn them around for a while

Put your own shoes back on

Leave with a smile

And now that you’ve walked

In a different shoe

We’d all see why people do what they do

And respect each other as a human race

And lend a hand

Not turn away

You and I are not the same

Who we are is not to blame

Emotions set the heart afire

Anger, joy, despair, desire

Gotta concentrate on the good

Learn from the bad

Cause Life is the experience

we’ve never had


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