In addition to keeping President Jacob’s seat in office, the Chief Litigator has recently restated his goals in the President Jacobs V. Student Council Case:

WHEREAS, it is desirable for the Student Council to be governed by rules for the efficient and proper administration of its affairs,
WHEREAS, the Student Council granted permission to Jason Jacobs to hold a seat in office as the President of the Student Organizations of Yeshiva,
WHEREAS, the Student Council knowingly allowed Jason Jacobs to hold said position in office, while a graduate of his University, and a pursuant of a further degree in the RIETS program,
FURTHERMORE, WHEREAS, the Canvassing Committee FAILED to notify President Jacobs of his violation of living on campus to hold a position in said office, it can therefore be

ARGUED, that both STEVEN PALETZ and the Canvassing Committee along with the Yeshiva University Student Council would find it in their best interests to allow Jason Jacobs to PREVAIL in office for the remainder of his term.

FURTHERMORE, CEL Jesse Bernstein ARGUES, said rule disallowing students who’s place of residency is located off campus, shall be abolished, as living on campus is not relative for each and every member of the student body.

FURTHERMORE, his representatives ARGUE, said rule is OFFENSIVE to the remainder of the Yeshiva student body for obstructing the students from voting for whomever they see fit to be their leader in the Student Organizations of Yeshiva.

NOT UNTIL, those results are met, Jesse Bernstein, Chief Executive Litigator, will not rest and Jason Jacobs, Commander in Chief of the Student Organization of Yeshiva, will continue to hold office.

Good day.


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