I'd say, the cup's 95% full


People often come up to me and ask me, “do you care that you’re balding?”

I’d like to answer all the nay-sayers, all the negative-nancies, all the debbie-downers with a little question of mine: can I, actually, care about the fact that I’m slowly giving my hair back to the one who gave it to me?

The Holy One, Blessed be He, has seen it fit to give me a superior male body with musculature which is more defined than is necessary, and the knowledge to craft my body into whichever way I see fit for my stage in life. Similarly, He has blessed me with superior athletic ability and ambition to compete in various competitive sports, both physical, and cardiovascular.

I understand that already, from a physical standpoint, I am far better off than many of my humanoid brethren. Alas, the Lord could have stopped there, but he continued. He gave me a frame which measures just over 73 inches, which many people would consider themselves lucky to have. And on top of it all, God hath given me hair atop my head. How could I possibly care that He’s taking it back?

So my answer to you haters, is no.


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