4/18 5(yeah right)k


I went down to Van Cortlandt park today, with the hopes of finishing towards the top in the inter-collegiate 5k to benefit magen david adom. It turns out that the race was more of a run/walk, with a huge emphasis on the walk.

I come dressed in my tri shorts and a long sleeve under armour, and am waaay overdressed. People come in puma walking shoes, and chinos, and other various garb of the sort. Anyways, the 5k consists of either: circling through the track twice, or taking the scenic trail route. I opt for the latter, along with my little brother and some stranger.

Being a distance runner, after about 25 minutes (hold on…), I pull away from the two of them, and have about a minute and a half gap at this point. When I realized…wait a minute…5k’s shouldn’t take 25 minutes in total…and I’m still not done! I ask a jogger where I am, and “Westchester” was NOT where I wanted to be. I swiftly turn around, bringing the other two with me, and anyone else I passed along the way, and returned to the start line.

7.74 miles in just under an hour. 5k? Yeah right.


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