4/19 swim


I’m not entirely sure how far I swam today, nor how long I swam for, as I wasn’t wearing my contact, and had no watch on before or after the swim, so I couldn’t see the clock, but that I swam. I know that to be true. I was definitely in a body of water for some extended period of time, and I’m certain that I was there for at least 10 minutes, and at least ten laps. Beyond that, everything’s fuzzy.

As I’m getting out of the pool, however, I see my old buddy Roniel. Now make no mistakes, this wasn’t a surprise to me – in fact this was the second time I saw Roniel in the area of the swimming pool. The last time, we were swimming laps side by side. My good buddy Roniel told me that since his return to the Wilf Campus, a little over a week ago, he hasn’t missed a day of swimming.

If only I love swimming enough to commit to the pool seven days a week…If only, if only, the triathlete cries…


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