The Calm Before the Storm


As I sit here in the Heights Lounge and comtemplate my macroeconomics midterm which is scheduled to take place in just under 6 hours, I’m finally able to appreciate that old adage.

There are several vagrants in the lounge as I put my thoughts into words, and they wander around aimlessly or settle into a bright yellow couch for a place to bunk up between periods. In the distance, I can hear the “Nagel Bagel” attendant swimping cards with the usual, “thank you, have a nice day!”

But what is it about this silence which is so peculiar to me? How is it that I can sit here, typing away happily, under the false guise that everything will be all right? Will it? I have yet to study more than a collective two hours for what will, I’m sure, prove itself to be one of the more difficult endeavors of my collegiate career, if you will. Granted I do happen to be an economic major. True I answer, on average, 1.2 answers per class – more than the ordinary student in Maria Paganelli’s Sec 351 Intro to Macroeconomics class. But the test is on 12 chapters! And yet, I feel calm, with just a twinge of precariousness.

As I sit here in the Heights Lounge, perched atop my crimson chair, I wonder to myself…will this test hold its own? Carry the weight of my entire collegiate métier, thereby defining my profession in what today’s youth are calling the “real world”? I do profess…I am a bit nervous.


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