Swim/bike reverse order 4/26


So after the (second to?) last lifeguarding course tonight, I took to the stationary bike. It was rather successful, and family guy helps pass the time very well! I did 15 miles in just under 47 minutes, even though I spoke to fellow triathlete Marlyn for a bit, and to my main man Mad Mike. I must say though, I hate that stationary bike. With a vengeance. Soooo boring – when will my bike be done? I think my mom’s going to drop off the brand spankin’ new Dura Ace bar end shifters tomorrow, and then go for a fitting on Firday? Maybe Friday can be my first ride with the new girl.

After the bike, I made my way over to the pool, and logged my 30 minutes…dutifully. I find when I swim slower, I can swim further/longer. But my legs and hips sink. Even when I look straight down. Bad news, but hopefully, the wetsuit in the mail will be able to help…we’ll see. Westuitman got me a real good deal, and I’m exuberant because I’m running really low on cash right now 😦 Triathlon is an expensive trisport! Thanks much for the generosity wetsuitman!

After which, I went to the sauna a bit, and then went to meet Shloime Zeffren, who approved us for the WORKOUT WEEK, which is currently in progress – get out there boys and girls, and get your bodies moving! Thanks Shloime…the prizes are going to be great!

More news to come!


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