4/28 Run/swim


I went to the gym today, in between Philosophy and Stats. I ran for 24 minutes, with a 5 minute cooldown. I ran 2.7 miles, and my ipod decided it was a 8.5 minute mile. I don’t like the treadmill, because it’s harder to control my speed, and I get a lot more bored a lot more quickly. Darn you, cold weather. Darn you, to heck!

After my run, my 20 pullups, and 20 plyo pushups, I jumped in the pool for a 38 minute swim. I tried interval training…which included swimming for 3 minutes, then resting for 2 (it was supposed to be going all out, then resting, but I’m a terrible swimmer, so I simply swam and rested). I did this until 20 minutes till class, at which point I got out, showered, and ran over to stats. Where it turns out I do most of the logging of my training, oddly enough. I ran back here, still 2 minutes to spare, so I sprinted down the block, grabbed a banana and a powerade, and rode the elevator back up with my professor.

The gatorade was a mistake. Shoulda stuck with water… :/


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