5/2 Bike/Swim/Bike/Run


Phew. Now THAT was a title. And what a day, fyi.

4:55 – alarm goes off, and I’m so enthusiastic, so much adrenaline already pumping through my veins, that I barely even notice the ungodly hour. I run around the house, rummaging through some last minute alterations to my bike/setup – fill up my bottle with some gatorade, grab some bars for the ride, grab a banana to help with the cramps, you know. The whole shpiel.

5:20 – after 2 attempts, I finally manage to grab everything I need (LS under armour, because after all, it is only 5 am and it’s 65* out!, my sunglasses, and my AGTC card), and I’m off!

OH YEAH – I forgot to tell you that I got my bike back from the shop on Friday, and I took it for a 20 minute spin. Note to self: tri bikes are EXTREMELY fast, and EXTREMELY dangerous. Therefore, this was my first time actually on it. Let me tell you…after a little while, I guess you get the hang of it, but those brakes being allll the way over there…not too helpful when you’re a speeding bullet flying down York at 30+ mph, and you’re about to hit some humongous, unavoidable pot hole…but more on that later.

5:40 – I get to my designated meeting spot, and am 5 minutes ahead of schedule. While I wait for Jason, I decide it’s going to be waaayyy too hot of a ride, and so I stash the LS UA.

5:45 – We set out on our 17.75 mile journey through Teaneck, Englewood, Fort Lee, and various neighborhoods in NYC. Of COURSE we get lost in Central Park, and we can’t figure out how to get to the East side…finally, we find a road that goes underneath the park, and we shoot over to the other side, where we reach our final destination – Asphalt Green Tri Club. And only 3 minutes late.

7:03 – we walk into AGTC, park our bikes, chain ’em up, and quickly change for the 7 am swim.

7:09 – I make it to the pool, with Jason only a few steps in front of me. I take the left lane, naturally, as I can’t swim. I do my little pathetic half stroke for the next 40 minutes of drills and interval laps until I get this nasty cramp and shoot down to the bottom of the pool. Or I would have, had it not been for some good samaritan behind me who reached out, and dragged me over to the side. Bless your soul.

8:10 – We’re ready to go, and back on our saddles. A block later, I realize I left my wallet and phone in Jason’s locker. Perfect. Turn around and grab it. Thanks for being such a pal, Jason. 8:14 – Now we’re REALLY going.

Once over the bridge, Jason and I split up, as I feel the path we took there was a mile or two out of the way, and it would make more sense to take Palisade the whole way down. After our fondest of farewells, we ride off in our own seperate directions, and I arrive home approximately 9:40, at which point, I quickly strip down and shower to head over to Lawrence for my cousin’s customary haircut/3 year old birthday party.

But I gotta make it back to school for this new club – the YU Bridgers – they’re doing a 4 mile run over the bridge into Jersey and back, in 45 minutes…or so they advertise. Turns out, we dropped the stragglers rather quickly and painlessly, and ended up completing the 4 miles in 34 minutes – roughly an 8.5 minute mile. Not bad.

I basically completed an entire triathlon, spread out, in one day. One down, three to go.

P.S. Did I mention my new WETSUIT came????


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