5/13 Bike/Swim with the new RS800CX


After circling the area between E86th and E94th for 20 minutes, at 7 o’clock PM last night, I decided to just call it quits and find a spot closer to what I thought the predesignated area was – cat hill and 72nd street. So I begrudgingly drive down to the (No 7 am – 7 pm) spots over on 82nd, get out, and jog down to 72nd. Only to Remember that Coach sent out an email that we’d be by the 102nd street traverse tonight. Great. I’m already 15 minutes late.

I do my own mini-speed workout and “jog” the 1.5 miles to the workout at a 7-minute mile pace, where we do the hill repeats. Overall, my Polar HRM tells me I peaked at 183 BPM (out of 197), and ran for 46 minutes. Distance? I dunno. My legs were a LITTLE exhausted ¬†from the 8.81 mile bike home earlier in the day, so I couldn’t gauge it. As for relying on those good ole’ global positioning satelites? About that…the G3 GPS sensor didn’t have a battery in it. Oh well. There’s always next time.

Stay tuned for Sunday’s race on the Jersey shore – it should be a BLAST.


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