5/21 Speed Test


According to my Polar wristwatch, this past Friday, in the scorching heats ranging from 88*-95*, I ran .98 miles in 5.39″. Now according to google’s mapping program, the same .98 miles was mapped out as 1.03 miles, so I figured that I would, as my recent biostatistician of a professor would put it, interpolate that I ran somewhere near a mile. So a mile in 5.39. That’s my fastest time. Not too bad for my first test. My dad remembers that his fastest was 6.15 back in the day, but that doesn’t count. Nowadays we have all these endurance and performance boosters that I’m sure had he been a generation later, would be much closer to 5.45 than he admits.

Well…back to pounding the pavement. Gotta get that time closer to 5…


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