5/24 Run, 5/24 Run


That’s right. I wrote 5/24 run in repetition, because good things come in twos. Like 100+ block runs with crazy dips and climbs. I ran down to the east side today, East 90th to be exact, to use the pool on the AG premises, but unfortunately, being a member of the AG Tri Club only grants one so much access. Such as pool usage during practice, and during practice alone. Great. So that’s why my card’s not working. Lady, I just ran 7.5 miles to get here…can I at least get a drink of water from the fountain on the other side of the turnstiles? No. How come? I promise I won’t make a mad dash for the pool, cannonball in with all my sweaty cloths, driving waves of nervous parents and children on their lunch and summer breaks, respectively, dashing for cover. You have my word, lady behind the counter who so envies her pedestal of power. Because those are the rules. I can only grant you entry during your practice times (8:30 tonight, if you’re thinking of coming back).

So with tears in my eyes, I leave the building and begin my trek back to the upper west side. I notice a bodega (or what I pegged as one, being from Washington Heights) and went in to get a bottle of water. But then I see it. Shining in all its glory amidst the dusty red bulls, sprites, cokes, and various other beverages is the glorious drink of my childhood which my lips have grown so estranged from – the mighty Yoohoo! After remembering that article I read in Men’s health, I opted for that instead of my usual preferred beverage – ice cold water. And let me tell you, it was just as, if not more, quenching, while boosting my daily protein intake and bone health.

The chocolate milk went straight to my head and gave me the intellectual insight to avoid Central Park and that huge reservoir which I ran halfway around, adding something like 1.5 miles to my run on the way down. Well, if one thing’s certain, it’s that I’ll be as ready for this year’s 2010 NYC Nautica Triathlon.

I completed 13 miles today with an average pace of  8.25 minutes a mile. Not too bad, but I still gotta get into the pool…


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