5/27 Swim, cancelled run, and gym


So I had class at Ramapo in the morning yesterday, but left early to go swim. Unfortunately, the pool didn’t open until 12. So with nothing but a pair of minuscule swim trunks and an A-shirt, I went to the Ramapo Roadrunner’s gym at 11:15 where I did 5 sets of 5 pullups or chinups/10 pushups. Then I did some ab work, and decided that at 11:50, it should be safe to go swimming.

Turns out the pool was just opening as I got there, so I went down and did some laps. Swam for 20 minutes in total and I can say I definitely need more time swimming. I stink at swimming. Out loud.

Later in the day, I drove into run practice, but as I managed to find a spot 3 blocks away from Engineer’s Gate, and went out and met with Coach Josh Gold, the practice was cancelled because of the thunder and lightning. Oh well. Running’s my strongest of the 3 anyways. I guess missing one night won’t kill me.


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