5/30 Bike through Englewood & Up 9W


So it was supposed to be 2 hours. 28 miles in 2 hours. Here’s the raw data.

1 hour 15 minutes.

19.23 miles

Max Speed of 35.8 MPH

Avg Speed of 15.6 MPH

Avg Cadence of 86 (Max 116)

Temperatures ranging from 88* to 101* with an average of 93*

I biked through Englewood to the GWB, turned around, took 9W right past Englewood, past Tenafly, and all the way to the Montammy Country Club. Where I proceded to make a hasty U-turn, and come right back the way I came – via Englewood. I passed a good amount of bikers today (somewhere in the double digits) and it’s always a good feeling to know that you’re not the slowest one on the road…


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