6/2 Swim/Bike


I swam for 36 minutes in the following configuration:

50 second allowance per lap, for 10 minutes, then a 2 minute break. So every 12 minutes, I completed 12 laps, and was recovered (more or less). It took me, on average, 25 seconds to finish a lap, so it was interval training, in that sense. I like it. I think I’ll do it again tomorrow, for a longer period of time.

I biked with Seth Nayowitz today. After seeing him on the last ride to Nyack, he got ahold of my number from Mitch, and asked if I wanted to do a long ride (what he interpreted as 60 miles). I told him sure, even though I just did my first 38+ mile ride on Monday, and my legs probably couldn’t handle it. Nonetheless, we embarked on our journey, and 3 hours and 45 minutes and 55 miles later, I got back home, alone. He lost me several times. Very strong biker. Something tells me he won’t be calling me to ride again any time soon…


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