6/6 Bike/BAREFOOT run


Well I had swim practice this morning, and was planning on biking in until I heard the thunderstorm forecasts – which were completely wrong, fwiw. It rained for a half hour the entire day. But I made the best of it.

I biked 29% of the route I did with Seth last week, and got a little lost in the process. No worries – I’m learning the streets of Dirty Jerzee the hard way – the fun way!

I biked up Liberty road (and followed it when it separated into Ivy – big mistake!) then turned on Engle street, if I remember correctly. I emptied out onto Clinton, made a right, and began my climb of the hardest hill I’ve experienced on this side of 9W. The hardest hill imho is the one in that park that Sammy took us to, on the way back from Nyack and New City and all that jazz. Anyway, I kept my cadence up for most of the climb, and completed it relatively (compared to wednesday) quickly.

Turned around once I got to the top, and biked through Ewood. Twas a pleasant ride.  16 miles in an hour.

Then I got home. And I ran. Boy did I run. You know how I ran? Sockless, shoeless and brainless. That running barefoot thing is SO painful. But if I do it correctly, it should strengthen the soles of my feet and the muscles in my feet, ankles and calves, while effectively correcting my running posture and position. I ran to Maitland and back, just .9 miles, but my feet look like I just ran the NYC Marathon.

CAUTION: the pictures are a little gross.

Here are some links to the pictures.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

Link 4


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