6/8 Swim/Run


I swam 10 minutes in the Ramapo pool today.

Then I rested for 5.

Then I swam another 9, and called it a day.

I really need to figure out how to swim for longer without fatiguing in a)my shoulders and b) my lungs. I know, I know…swim more. Sheesh.

I got home and ran to Englewood. After waiting for 3 hours in the Honda dealership to have my gps fixed, of course. The run was 7.25 miles, and I did it in 54 minutes. Thus, averaging a 7:26 pace for the run. If I can knock that down to 7 minutes for the big race, I’d be more than satisfied. My first oly tri? And finishing it in something like 2:20? That’s be a gift from God. If only, if only.


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