6/13 Swim/Bike


5:25 wake up so I could get to the pool in Asphalt Green by 7. I got there 5 minutes late. The ride down was 14.47 miles, and I did it in an hour and 13 minutes. It was a cold ride – avg. temperature of 77*.

The swim was tragic. I couldn’t complete all the required laps but did a whole handful. The entire swim lasted an hour, of which I was there for 55 minutes, but I got out 10 minutes early, because I would just stop midway laps, and tread for 30 second periods until I regained my breath. I REALLY have to go to the clinic tonight and rectify my stroke.

The ride back was nice. Fast but nice. We met in Central Park at a quarter to 9 and left at 9:01.34 sharp. I biked 32 miles out to state line (over the GWB, down 9W to the NY/NJ state line) and then back home, via Clinton Ave/Ivy Lane. It took 1:58.29 and was intense. But nice at the same time. I picked up a 3 person pace line on the way back, and then dropped them after a few miles, and when they passed, I felt bad for the man in the back. He was HUGE. No matter who he sat behind, there was no way in heaven or earth that he was managing to draft his 6’6″ bulk behind ANYONE.

The ride reached 39 MPH at one point. I think my fastest…I’m pretty slow.

Gorgeous day out, 82* average.

Thus, the total ride was 47 miles.

Coach was making fun of my pink saddle every oppurtunity he could get, but then he mani-pedis and paints his toenails.


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