6/17 Bike/Run


I got hit today. Twice.

I was only going 10 mph, cutting through traffic, and some shmuck in a van cut across 2 lanes, making a right turn from the left lane, and didn’t see me. I slammed on my brakes, and as my back wheel skid out, I softly hit the van. He must have gotten scared, because he floored the gas, veering to the right, and actively hitting me again. Luckily, I managed to unclip in time and catch myself as he all but knocked me over. Crazy windowless-white-van drivers.

9.84 miles in 48:30

29.8 MPH Max, and an avg of 12.3 (Hey, I have a race on Sunday. It’s taper-week!)

It was 83* but definitely felt chillier.

I got off the bike, threw on some running shoes, and hit the pavement.

3.01 miles in 22:31

Max speed was 13.8 MPH (4:17 minute mile) <– must have only kept that up for a minute or so…and average was 8 MPH (7:30 minute miles).

Again, average temperature of 82*, felt just right when running.

I cooled down with a 1 mile walk, which took something like 15 minutes. Nice and relaxed. I really like this GPS. It’s awesome.


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