6/27 OW and Ride to JCC


We had an Open water swim today out by Brighton Beach with the entire team (or most of them). It was a fun swim. Didn’t go too far, must have only been in the water for 30-35 minutes, but we all got a feel for it, and it was obviously beneficial for many of the more novice triathletes on the team.

Afterwards, I hung out in Brooklyn for a bit, then returned home. I rode to the JCC and back, just to figure out about how far of a ride it is. It’s a 5.65 mile ride, and SHOULD take me 16.5 minutes or so, but it took me 19. 17.86 MPH, in that case, as opposed to my ideal 20+. Oh well. I guess we’ll work on that.

I mean there WAS a 5% increase for a half mile, then 6% for a half mile, and lastly, a 7% increase for a quarter of a mile or so…I know, I know, it’s no excuse.


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