7/8 AGTri/TOF Speed Training


I didn’t bike into work this morning, nor did I swim, in anticipation of the final installment in the series of a wonderful bunch of Thursday night speed workouts. The lack of biking, the lack of swimming, and my nutriotional choices made this workout the single most effective run I have recorded to date while training for the NYC Tri.

Anywho, I get in tonight, and we first made our way down to the transition areas (Riverside and 72nd), and then proceeded to embark on the 10k run which I will, with God’s help, be repeating in a week from Sunday. I can’t believe it’s so close. My A race. This year’s holy grail. The mother of all things sacred. The whole enchilada – with cheese. A lot of cheese.

Anyways, the run was awesome. I don’t remember the last time I’ve felt so good on a 10k. I led the entire run, the entire time, every participant of the Team OneFamily team and of the AGTri team who decided to show up.

I set a new PR, at a 43:12, a 7 minute, 12 second mile on average, if my math serves me correctly. I was very pleasantly surprised I was able to lead the group the whole time, especially in the 90* heat and notorious East-coast humidity. A 19 year old whippersnapper like myself, out in the front of the pack. Cool.


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