Party Animals


All of these bodies rubbing against each other.

Sweat pours out of every possible orifice. The room

is spinning and won’t stop. The smell of cheap

perfume and the sight of fist pumps cloud my senses.


A flash of a smile, a hint of inebriation. Thanks for

coming, I holler in her ear over DJ Lobiz. Arm on my

shoulder she asks me to dance. I have no moves,

but I appreciate the offer – thanks.


I see DJ Fid on the far side of the room. It seems

I know everyone here. “Hold ‘em off” trails

behind him as he makes his way to the fridge.

Dj’s gotta get girls too, he yells into my newly wrecked ears.


I make my way back to the keg, my seat now

taken by a very relaxed brother. We yell at each

other: Aeπ! Brothers for life! I get my chair back

and elevate my leg. Slowly, the party animals come and go.



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