The difficulties of TFH


I biked down to Central Park yesterday with my roommate, my first time out in a month, did a loop (6 miles) and came back. 4.5 miles each way, so 15 miles. Then my Floridian friend Shaul Ronay told me he wanted to go down to CP

If you look closely, you can see the photographer's reflection on the floor

and ride with me, so I took the train back down with him and our fixie/single speeds.

As for me, 60* is the perfect weather for a fall ride. Short sleeves and jeans. Oh, and a fixie.

We did ~2 more loops (~12 miles) and chilled by the water then went for a little city riding (~2 miles) so something like 30 miles.

A quarter of a mile away from my apartment, after I got off the train, I’m not exactly sure what happened, but my left hand was on my brake (there’s only a front brake on my bike), my right hand reached up to scratch my eye, and then I just flipped up over my handlebars and did a faceplant.
Landed square on my knees, belt buckle and palms. The heel of my left palm is still killing me. My handlebars need to be re-wrapped, and my seat has a little chunk of character etched into it, but it was nice to get out after a month of being immobile.

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