What would you do?


What would you do if you were in this situation?


The semester’s coming to a close for a class and the professor announces that the semester’s final will be as difficult as the midterm was.


Meaning that once again, chances are the rest of the class will do, relatively to your grades, well, while you are left in the dust. For argument’s sake, let’s say the class mean is an 80 and you got a 60.


Bummer. Total letdown. Right? Wrong.


Because what you just realized is that the sole reason the class did so well…is because they slept the entire semester and then used YOUR notes. The VERY SAME notes that got you a 60…are working miracles for the rest of the classmates!


The professor must be grading on some type of curve, which means if I don’t share my notes, and they all do worse…I will comparatively get a higher grade. Right?




The teacher does NOT grade on any curve whatsoever, and does NOT fluctuate the test’s level of difficulty based on past results. In other words, if everyone does well, they won’t make it more difficult in the future. Conversely, if everyone does poorly, the teacher won’t look at it as a reflection on the questions, but rather, as they should, a reflection on the students’ overall laziness.


Would you share your notes or would you horde them?


Would you horde them even if it means losing all of the friends you had made in that class…and possibly gaining more than a few enemies?


What would you do?



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