Getting back into it


Training should resume again today, assuming all goes according to plan.

I think I’ll just get into the pool for 30-45 minutes, see where I’m at. Of course, I’ve been running for wrestling practice, but I haven’t been on the bike in…oh, probably 3 months now. It’s definitely time to get back into it.


A race is 6 months away. Let’s get it done.


2 thoughts on “Getting back into it

    1. The only paths I can think of are CP and down by the river.

      If you’re talking about a MTB/ATB, I don’t do that…can’t help you there.

      Road bike? Your best bet is to go into Jersey. You’ve got a good 30 miles up north towards Monsey until the road gets bad there which is a good 3 hour ride or so.

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