Prospect Park Mother’s Day Duathlon 5/8/11


Do you race with your brother? No? Well I suggest you try it.

On Sunday, I raced with my brother in Brooklyn and let me tell you – the kid can get a lot more aero!

But seriously, today was a great day.

The short of it:


1st Ag/13th OA R1: 22:00 7:06 avg. pace/ B: 41:47 – 20.13 MPH / R2: 22:41 – 7:19 avg. pace.


1st Ag/80th OA R1: 31:19 – 10:06 avg. pace/ B: 57:17 – 14.7 MPH / R2: 31:29 – 10:09 avg. pace.

We woke up @ 5:30 to eat, use the facilities, load the bikes, etc.

At 6:20, we were out the door to go pick up Uncle Yehudah.

At 6:30, we were back home to pick up I.D. for Shaya…which he didn’t need.

We arrive at the race @ 7:15, 15 minutes after transition opens. After unloading the bikes and making our way down to the race, the volunteers were just getting the finishing chute set up. Get our numbers, affix a bottle cage to Shaya’s 29’er, pump up the trispokes, set up Transition, and we’re good to go.

After using the bathroom, I went to turn on my GPS which took unusually long…but the Global Trainer picked up reception in the end, so all’s well.Took a little warm up jog…We walk a bit into the forrest to begin the race – a different start than last year – and before I knew it, we were off!

I powered through the downhill, while still holding myself back.

I settled in on the uphill behind the eventual 12th OA finisher Daniel Selcow @ a 6:45 pace. I ran behind him for a little over a mile, then nature called. I knew I should have used the restroom a second time! So I pulled over, let 3 runners pass me as I did my thing, then motored right back past them as soon as I was done. Shaya looked to be having an excellent time on the run: But my original pacer was long gone (he ended up beating me by 2 minutes). The rest of the run was pretty uneventful…nice pace going on as I passed the turnaround point and saw Shaya doing his thing (we slapped hands!). The first mile I posted was a 7:35, followed by a 7:30, then a (shocking) 6:54 – I did the last mile alone, with no pacing.

My avg on the first run was a 7:06.

Not my best, at 22:00, but I wasn’t expecting to lay any records down today. Not with my bum ankle.

A fast T1 – in and out in :48. Aight. So far so good. There weren’t many bikes missing from Transition and I took this as a good sign. Then the bike. My 3rd ride on my new P3SL. My bullet. With tri-spokes.

I had to perform.

I had to justify the mad dough (relative term) I dropped on this thing. Well, as you can probably guess, with only two days of riding the entire year, I wasn’t laying down any head-turning splits. The miles were basically on par with each other (every first of 3 splits included the hill): 3:51 (the uphill section), 2:47, 2:35, 4:10, 2:55, 2:25, 3:25, 3:30, 2:17, 3:03, 3:45, 2:33 and rounded out with a 2:39. At some point int he first lap, I hit a bump and my (too-loosely affixed) handlebars rotated ~20* downward…and my hands were definitely not thanking me for it!I know, I could have turtled a lot more. My neck was killing, but I’ll get there.

Throughout the duration I was only passed twice, and both at the same time, by the eventual winner and runner-up. I had a good bike (for me) with an avg. pace of, you guessed it, just over 20 MPH: 20.13 MPH avg. My fastest bike split in my entire life…and I haven’t trained more than 2 days! I’ve got nowhere to go but up. I passed Shaya twice, and he seemed to be struggling on both occasions. Time to get that kid off a MTB with a seat way too low – he’s over thinking the whole “lower your seat” situation. Into T2, I see many bikes, which is always a disheartening feeling – until you catch up with someone later on in the run who reminds you that amongst all of your furious confusion, you forgot there’s also a sprint distance going on right now…and you’re still top 20. So I catch up to Jackson and we pace each other throughout the run. After the turnaround point, there’s a little over a mile left after a quarter mile downhill portion. I said to Jackson, I’m gonna lay it down here, but you better stick with me, and that’s exactly what he did. We flew into the finishing chute and we weren’t passed once on the entire run. I took 13th, he took 14th. A marvelous day overall.

I took the opportunity to cheer him on as a chance to yell at myself during the run and not look insane. The mental gain of this is so unreal.

As we come to the end, I see the finishing banner being held up for an elderly female racer in front of me. I waited for a bit, but she was just standing there. So…I walk around. And she follows me! Then Jackson follows her! We knock over one of the stands a little bit, and it was at that point the volunteers decided to stop holding the banner up for everybody  as they came through. Good idea.The post race snacks included bananas, apples, bagels, peanut butter, jelly, water. Yum.

A banana’s more than enough to make me happy.

After waiting around for a half hour or so, Shaya comes through the chute.

And enjoys an apple!

I put my helmet back on after the race to show off my newest sponsor, Packer Shoes.

Tastes like gold!Podium shot for the M20-24. Third place disappeared before podium shots, but Anthony Bartolotta placed 23rd OA. 30 seconds faster than what appears to be his father!


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