6/23/11 Van Cortlandt 5k (2nd race in the series)


This post is going to be written primarily to refer back to in the future as a milestone of my road to recovery from my sprained ankle.

The first 5k of the series was a month ago and my results looked like this: 22:43 which was good for 40th OA and 7th in the 20-29 AG.

Over the past month, I managed to slow myself down and increase my mileage. I ran <20 mile weeks, with my run pace ranging from 8:00 to 9:30 per mile. I was skeptical at first about this new strategy which basically said, don’t train balls to the walls all the time.

After tonight however, I see that it clearly works.My plan is to slowly increase my mileage, God willing and ankle injuries being kept at bay, to 25 miles per week.

Tonight, I finished in 21:33 (+03:54). My splits were:  6:55/7:37/6:58. An entire 1:10 faster than last month. Woah. That’s just over 5% gained in one month. I moved up from 40th to 29th overall, and 5th in the 20-29 AG.

Erez and my 11-year old brother Sruli also came and they finished in 27:49 for 11th in his 20-29 Age group and 98 Overall and 33:41 for 11th in the 10-14 Age group and 131st Overall respectively.

Erez was hooked and will be joining me during the next race in 2 weeks.

As Sruli (slowly but surely) made his way towards the finishing chute, I walked up the finishing chute with a cup of water and began cheering him on along with Erez and the Van Cortlandt Track Club volunteers. His smile was mixed with pain and hidden behind cheeks too red for an 11 year old’s exertion, but it was still there.

He’ll be in camp for the remainder of the series, but it was good to have him along for the ride.

A link to the route can be found here.

Thanks to all the Slowtwitchers who helped me plan my running program so as not to reinjure myself yet still yield big gains on my run.


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