8/7/11 NYC Triathlon


I returned for my second year racing the NYC Triathlon and it was my best race I have ever raced. My fastest race? Nope. Any PR’s? Nope. Best weather? Nope. But it was great having both sets of grandparents there to support me, Yitzy and Shaya, Yehudah and Cheryl there as well. You all made it an amazing race. That and the fact the entire Team One Family was there! JustinAnyways, I drive into the city last night to drop off my bike at transition and get a chance to check out all of the pro and am bikes…in the rain. It rained straight from when I dropped off my bike last night until the pros went off this morning. Afterwards, I go over to Ron’s apartment who couldn’t have been more hospitable. His apartment being 6 blocks from transition was quite clutch. Went to sleep at 12ish and didn’t wake up until 3:10, 3:20, 3:40, 4:00…finally I’m up. Poop once. I head down to transition after having a banana and some gatorade and set everything up…in the rain. Go back to Ron’s apartment to pray, then cab it over to 96th…just in time to miss the pro men go off! But we see the pro women…still raining. Everyone was moving very quickly in the water and that was great news for me, being the weak swimmer I was. I decided to warm up a bit. The water was well patrolled with NYPD boats and divers to assist the weaker swimmers (such as myself). Made my way down to swim start with the rest of the M20 – 24 as part of the last wave and got ready to jump in the water. There was a TT swim start which went much smoother than I heard people complaining about. The waves went quickly and we were out @ 8:08. Putting on the "Seals" which failed to create an effective seal for my faceThe swim was the best swim of my entire life. In the open water or in the pool. Not necessarily the fastest but after watching a solid amount of videos (~30 mintues worth in total, probably) over the past two weeks, I definitely feel that my form has improved. Something clicked and I’ve managed to nail my front quadrant swimming. I needed only to stop twice for goggle readjustment and didn’t have to switch to the breaststroke even once. Last year, I completed the swim portion in 23:40 for 3016 place. This year, I was a bit slower at 27:29 but much wiser and much, much more fresh. There were also some tough swells which I guess slowed everyone down a bit, as my 27:29 was good for 2838th place. The rain made the floor slick, so before I was able to sprint to a 3:24 T1 versus last year’s 4:07, I had to “WALK SLOWLY!” over the timing mat. I don’t remember doing this. Honest. But it’s funny. Out of transition and on the bike I felt nice and powerful.I got aero quickly and was able to hold it for most of the ride’s duration. I sat up during the climbs and drank during this time. I had one gel packet 30 minutes into the ride. I felt nice and powerful throughout. Unfortunately, I took a bit of my disc cover off during the first transition in order to pump up the tire. When I re-taped it, it was on a wet surface due to the morning’s rain. As such, the cover wasn’t secure. At the turnaround by Moshulu, I made a left turn and immediately heard/felt the disc detach itself from my wheel, flap inside, and become tangled. I looked down to see the piece of plastic ripped in two with tape wrapped around the hub. A 3:45 pit stop later, I had removed the debris and was on my way again, less one side of my disc. Guess I should start shopping for a new disc cover. Or disk 🙂 My personal favorite picture, just before the dismount:The bike was fast. Even with my mechanical. Last year, I did the entire bike ride in 1:19.21 or 18.8 MPH, this year, I got a bit faster. 1:16:33 including the pit stop, which is good for 19.5 MPH. 468th place this year vs. last year’s 875. My average power was 173 or 2.35 w/kg with an average cadence of 83. My average speed while moving (sans pit stop) was 20.7. I zoomed through transition. Last year’s time was 1:30 and this year’s was 1:00 flat. The winner, Ben collins did it in :43. I’m close!The run was amazing. I was killing it. Yitzy longboarded down the hills, then stopped at the bottom and waited for me to offer words of encouragement. I felt good during the run. I felt REAL good. Just like the bike, I wasn’t dropped once. In fact, since I left the water, I wasn’t passed the entire day. I like that way of racing. Last year, my run split was reduced to a walk split because of my lack of pacing experience mixed with 94*F. It was a 52:05 split, for an avg. 8:24 pace or 855th place. This year, I pulled out a 46:41 with a pace almost a full minute faster per mile – 7:31, good for 231st place of the day.

Pointing to...somebody.

I finished with a total time of 2:35:04 today, 11th place in my age group (1 spot away from 5i50 championships in Iowa!! – the qualifying time was 2:32:51) and 412th overall vs. last year’s 21st in my age group and 765th overall. And now, for some random thoughts/candids/team shots.

  • Wonderfully run, as per yoozh (abbreviated usual).
  • A good deal of drafting. When I pointed this out to one such pair, the response was, “Oh it’s OK, we’re a team.” …Right…
  • Water and hammer were phenomenal on the run.
  • The bike through the puddles was fun and refreshing.
  • Except when descending at 45 MPH behind somebody and you get a face full of gravel!
  • I like racing in adverse conditions. This was the first time I had the opportunity. It’s a pain to set up, but the actual race, I race the same as I would otherwise, which gives me an edge over those who alter their race mindset.
  • I wasn’t dropped once on the bike.
  • I wasn’t dropped once on the run.
  • Today was a victory.

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