8/18/11 VC 5k


Like I said on my previous 5k RR, I don’t generally post 5k race results, but seeing as how this one was monumental, I’m going to give a short syopsis.

I saw Laura (The 1st overall woman in every race and eventual winner of the summer series) before the start of the race and decided I would just pace off of her since in the last 3 races, she beat me by under 10 seconds.

I went out with her at a ~6:35 pace for the first mile, then lost her in the hills. It hurt plenty and I thought I was going out too fast and would be gassed sooner than I had planned for, but I was ready to hurt.

The second mile was uneventful. Just a lot of climbing and even more hurting. I was steadily passing runners throughout the race, seeing as how I started smack in the middle of the pack

In the third and final mile, I was passed by two runners who looked to be in great form, then a third who caught up and ran with them, so I did the same. The four of us ran together straight out of the woods, and at the 700 meter-to-go mark, the first two to pass me broke away and the third tried to hang on but he was dropped. We were running a 6:00 flat at this point and I decided I would beat this third passer who couldn’t keep up.

So with 400 to go, I passed him and saw a black singlet with white stripes down the side a short ways off in front of me. Could it be? No. Yes! It was YUXC member Yoni Mond and he looked like he wasn’t having a good day. I realed him in with about 100 to go.

I forgot all about my pain, forgot about my breathing and focused on matching Yoni’s strides for the next 5 seconds. He looked over his shoulder to the right when I guess he heard me, and so I shifted to the left to keep out of his vision. I wanted to stage my attack perfectly.

With 35-50 meters to go, I pull alongside him, see him glance over, look back to the road then do the fastest double take I’ve ever seen. As I started my sprint, I heard a profanity yelled at me (in disbelief?) but I couldn’t make it out. I didn’t look back and even came pretty darn close to catching one of the other two who dropped me in the last 700.

But I bested Yoni.

After the race he says, “I was looking for your stupid shirtless body and stupid cap the whole time but didn’t see you.” That’s the point 🙂

20:05 to finish off the season.

7 Age group, 24 Overall. Time improved but results worsened 🙂

XC tryouts, here I come!


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