Recent events have unfolded









Been quite busy lately and haven’t had much time to post anything but here’s what you missed, in no particular order:

1. I was invited to compete at the olympic distance age group Hyvee championships in Des Moines, Iowa. I plan on leaving this thursday morning and driving 18 hours each way with uncle Yehuda until the end of this weekend.

Before you ask…yes, there will be a race report.

2. I sold my 58 p3alu and bought a 56 p3alu. With campy parts. Which promoted me to tell you…

3. I bought a 56 system six with full dura ace and a hollowgram SRM (which I am selling as I will have no use for it…read on). I will, however, transfer all the parts onto a nashbar special for my father and…

4. I will outfit the system six with campy parts (Remember before when I told you the p3alu promoted me? Well this is it!) and take a swing at that compact thing everybody’s talking about.

5. I picked up one of those compact things everyone’s talking about from my main man Lee “The man amongst boys” Johnson in Albany. I’ll post pics when it gets here.

I think that’s all…

Oh tryouts!

6. YUXC tryouts are this Friday. This Friday, you ask me? Yes. But yowon’t you be in Iowa at a race expo? I will. I can tell you I’m so cocky that I believe I’ll be invited to second cuts without attending first cuts…but that’d be a lie. The truth is, I emailed the coach and he told me I can race in iowa and come to second cuts!


That’s all, folks!


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