It’s been a while


It appears I’ve forgotten y’all.

False. Since Quassy, I’ve decided to hang up my wetsuit and running shoes, and focus solely on cycling – targeting Team Cosmic as my primary goal for the 2012 season. I’d been training with guys from the team since March, but I was only officially welcomed to the team last week by Cosmic Wheel’s owner, John (who turned 60 today!). Friday, I got my team kit.

I didn’t post race reports because I don’t remember much from the races. I raced a whole bunch this season – I think it was something like 20-25 races. Overall, I didn’t do too well. I placed 3rd and 4th in the last two Rockleigh races, and tomorrow will be my (tentatively) last race of the season, the Garden State Cup in Morristown. I’ll be sure to try and pay attention so I can leave a writeup. Yehudah will be there for pictures.

Here are some pictures from the season. More can be found on my athlete page:


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