Augusta Crit 4/9/13


Thank you to the team’s sponsors: The Cosmic Wheel, Carve Systems – Web Securities, Gear Up Tours, Churchill Orthopedic Rehabilitation, Colorado Springs Cleaning Supply and Rothera Cycling – Custom Cycling Caps.

It’s been a little while since I’d written my last race report. To be exact, I think it was August. But you don’t care. You’re here to read about the race, so here it is.

Skoop and I decided to race yesterday, or maybe it was the day beforehand. I don’t recall. We drove out with Jillian and his parents met us there. Thanks for the support guys.

The course is a 1.2 mile loop with a left turn, a fast chicane, a sweeping left into a back straight with a strong headwind, a small climb, and a downhill leading into the finishing incline (very slight incline).

Going into the race, I had my usual gameplan in mind: attack now, attack often. With that said, I may have been…slightly over-eager. Skoop gave ma Clif gel. I was wired from the getgo. I made it two laps before I lost my cool. I was sitting third wheel and rather than thinking, “My, this seems like a nice and perfect spot to attack,” my thoughts were more along the line of, “ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK, SOMEBODY GO! THIS RACE IS TAKING FOREVER!!” Looking around, nobody seemed to share my sentiment, so I went.

I looked back after 30 seconds or so, and was all alone. So I put my head down, kept my watts as close to 300 as I could and just went. I wasn’t really planning on getting away, I was just stretching my legs. Eventually, about a lap later, I was caught. Fin attack 1.

I rested for a lap or so when some guy on an S5 with big arms and big legs decided he was restless. His legs looked big and his bike looked fast, so i went with him. He was unattached – a racer without a team. Kind of like a man without a home. It was a sad sight indeed, the moment we were caught.

I took the next lap to examine my fellow competitors. One was on a steel Serotta. He looked all right. So when I attacked next, and he came with me, I thought we’d have something. But I was wrong. Same went for my next solo flyer.

I think that brings us to attack number 5. This wasn’t so much of an attack as a bridge that knocked off a few 5’s from the back. Some racer launched an attack, and another rider went with him. He was a Colavita Masters racer. I remember seeing him racing as we were waiting for our race to start, so I knew he’d be tired. I was already sitting third or fourth wheel, so I just rotated to the front, let him dangle for a half of a lap or so, then slowly reeled him in. Yeah, not really an attack.

I didn’t attack AS often as I had planned. In 54 minutes of racing, I had attacked 7 times, with each one lasting approximately one lap. Nothing was sticking as we raced around the course at an average speed of 23 mph. Maybe it was because of my turbine-jet-engine-sounding 88mm deep wheels of dream crushing, but I chased down several attacks and did some damage in stringing out the field when I was out in front. Which was pretty often. So that was good.

The A race passed us (they left 45 seconds before us on the same course) in the first 25 minutes, and then passed us again with what we thought was 2 to go. But it was actually the last lap. Turns out that the race director decided to cut out the entire 2nd to last lap because we were losing daylight…but many of us didn’t realize. Right BEFORE the A race passed us, however, the Serotta rider, with whom I was in 2 breakaways, went off on a solo flyer. As we were passed, the race director called out for us to move over, and neutralize our speed (slow down)…as the solo break pulled away.

We never did catch him, or the man who chased him down shortly after we were passed by the A race.

2 got away, I took third in the field sprint. 5th place. First result of the season, if you can call it that.

Go Team Cosmic – Carve Systems. Go all the way.

Thanks for driving, Skoop. Thanks for the support, Jill, Dr. Koop and Missus Koop.

See ya next week.

Picture courtesy of the Reisen family.


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