Rockleigh B series, A race (11 July, 2013)


Last night, Rockleigh happened, as it does every Thursday night. Having upgraded as of last week…I was graduated to the A race.


Rockleigh was my third 1/2/3 race after New Britain and Augusta on Tuesday:

The weather was angry that day, my friends. As attack after attack went, attack after attack was brought back. Colavita rider after Colavita rider went down the road, and eventually came back while the rest of them (feebly) attempted to block. It was during one of these attacks when our protagonist decided to launch his own move, scrambling up the road to chase down a 2 man break. Caught in no man’s land, he wished the field would just catch him, ending his misery, but they held back and left him out there to suffer on his own. He was absorbed by the pack and moments away from being spit out the back as The Hell of the East stuck out his arm and welcomed him as a racer of his own caliber. The racers circled the field until the storm reared its ugly head one last time. Koop went to front and ramped up the pace. Rider after rider fell off and only the strongest survived as Koop and The Hell of the East took second and third, respectively. Our Cat 3 zero was left shaking his head and catching his breath.

Too much 1/2/3 racing in one week, the first week of getting the 3 upgrade? Probably. Is it why I’m sitting here with a sore throat and runny nose as I write this? Probably.

Last night was the first night with our new helmets from Cannondale, which are light and very well ventilated. Best of all? My sunglasses fit in them.

After riding to the race, I registered for the entire series (obviously) and then we raced. The first 2 laps were fine, then they got fast. It wasn’t as fast as Sunday, but still was very tough. My legs were tired and my mindset was to sit in because I had a road race the following Sunday. That plan didn’t last long.

Greg (Olsen) and another rider went off the front early and several chasers made attempts to bring him back. In my only move, I bridged up to a struggling Blue Ribbon rider in no man’s land and hoped we could work together to bridge up to Mr. Olsen. After pulling him for 30 seconds though, he breathed to me that he was gassed and couldn’t pull through. As I attacked him and watched him drop back, I hoped that he was working for Skoop (I later found out he was with Olsen but got dropped from the break for lack of pure, unadulterated manliness).

I was eventually brought back and watched chase after chase go and be brought back. There were no organized chases, just mini attacks. I, along with 7 others, were dropped at one point. A racer from Team Boom brought us (almost singlehandedly) back to Skoop’s field…when I attacked again. I split the field, then there were only 13 of us. Or something along those lines. But while we were off the back, 8 other racers bridged up to Olsen and caught him with a lap to go.

We got ready for the sprint…which i think Skoop won. I don’t know. It got pretty messy. Olsen won the whole race, Tomi took 7th. I beat Dugan…then I collected my jersey for winning Series I.

I need to recover better.

Photo courtesy of Anny Calderon.


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