Back to Basics


I stood there, riding an A train packed wall to wall with other working-class middle-management types. I slid open my screen and balked for a second. And that was all it took. A second to rethink my daily decline into a Sudoku or Solitaire binge as the train would predictably shake this way and that as the behemoth made its way uptown alongside the Hudson. No, this time would be different, something inside me nudged. Not in the way I would lightly flip through Inc. or Entrepreneur (magazines). Nor the focus I gave to Velo (magazine). Different in another way.

And different it was.

Here I am, standing on the A train, watching my fingers furiously type this seemingly random sequence of words – words which must be overwhelmed with joy, for surely they have never met before in such an order – as it predictably shakes this way and that as the behemoth makes its way uptown alongside the Hudson. The beautiful Hudson river, tracing its serpentine path through mountain and forest, from the crystalline bergs south to…me. In this smog-infested putrid businessland where exercising does more harm than good. Where those 40-something execs out on a mission make up more time than those out for what the kids are calling a “jog”.

But I digress. This is, after all, a blog about bicycles, is it not? Don’t answer. Let’s then discuss bikes. The beautiful, wondrous, lustrous machine that is The Bicycle. Oftentimes dangerous, whilst maintaining an air of downright sumptuousness, The Bicycle is why we’re here. The Bicycle is what unites us, what ties our worlds together. The Bicycle is what gets us racing.

As the two thousand and fifteenth anniversary of the calendar’s reset comes to a close, join me in exploring The Bicycle, The Rider and the world they cohabit. Bicycle rides, races, tales of training, winning, losing, crashing, but above all else, living. Life on two-wheels, as seen through my eyes.IMG56F4


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