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This past Sunday, I gave up the one day I visit the Church of Cycling to ride a fit machine at the Piermont Bicycle Connection. Piermont recently began taking reservations for their newest fitter, one well-steeped in the verbiage – Tim Dougherty.

Tim put me through a battery of stretches and tests to come to the conclusion that my general fit was pretty close. Sure my handlebars were too high and my general position was too far forward, but I was pretty close, more or less. And that’s the thing – more or less. More or less isn’t perfect. More or less isn’t custom. It’s more, or it’s less. It’s not The Golden Standard. Turns out, close wasn’t even so close. Maybe that’s why I’ve been riding so terribly.

We slid my entire position back, dropped my stem, threw on a -10* rise and then tested my power output (both quantity of watts and duration), the dead spots in my pedal stroke (my saddle was actually 9mm higher than optimal positioning) and tried on a slew of saddles. I am and always have been a sucker for trying different saddles out. Turns out the one I’ve been on for the past couple of months was actually the one that allowed me the most comfort and highest power output. The saddle stuck, but the numbers changed.

Armed with my fit coordinates, I approached Billy and asked him to design away. The mystery of my new custom COARSE #1 looms ever closer.



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