Ode to The Less-Warm-Months


Close your eyes and imagine the scene: you’re riding your bike. Whipping down your favorite descent, you race your pal to the bottom, targeting that elusive 3-digit KPH record you constantly seem to fall just short of. You are weightless in the moment, passing cars and practically flying. It is a perfect 78* and sunny. Your jersey flaps in the wind and all you can hear is the steady whoosh of air, amplified by the parked cars you whizz past – the Doppler Effect in full force. But then, the alarm. You look around, trying to find the source and then, you realize: it’s a dream.

Of course it’s a dream. It’s January, and it’s 5 AM. You blink a few times and try to hold onto the fleeting coattails of the dream, wishing that you could will the dream into reality, wishing you never had to leave the warmth of your blanket, wishing that it was anything but 25* outside. Reality begins to set in as you become more and more awake, and you swing your legs over the side of the bed. Stretching briefly, you run through your morning routine in your head.

You begin to leaf through your mountain of clean kit to find the right one only to realize it’s at the top of your pile. That was the easy part. Choosing the right embro is where you have the challenge. Mad Alchemy sent along a different flavor for each mood. Seemingly, for each day of the week. You choose the one that takes you back to that warm September day when you raced your buddy down the side of a mountain. You were Cancellara wearing the yellow during Stage 7 of The Tour. You take a deep breath and dig in. After all, the winter’s almost over and with it, the warmth Mad Alchemy brings.




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