Spring Racing


In a few short days, we will begin the third week of March and, with it, the third week of racing. Racing which has, in past years, been miserable due to some combination of the weather, the letdowns and the lack of fitness. This year, only one of these reasons rears its ugly head above the rest: the lack of relative fitness.

You see, it’s not that racers are unfit.¬†Au contraire, most likely, as El Nino has afforded us roadies scores of opportunities to ride our bikes over the past “winter” (if you will) and nary a handful of excuses. No, the fitness is there. It’s the relative lack of fitness. FTP may be high (the highest ever!), but FTP doesn’t translate into wins. Spring Series jitters may creep in and take especially long to shake as the speeds are much higher (thank you, El Nino).

What does it matter? Who cares why we’re slower than the rest of the general tri-state area racing populace? In a month or two, the tide will turn and the sun will set. The Spring Winners will burn out and the natural order will be restored. The currently-weak will take their places. Fitness will come around and skill will be all that separates the fit from the more-fit.

Until then, there’s only one thing to do. We must ruminate on the words of The Great One: Ride Lots.